Monday, April 17, 2006

Smallville's gotten a bit poo really

Smallville was something I really enjoyed when it started. A look at Superman as his powers kicked in was pretty cool. Even if every villain of the week somehow got their powers from Kryptonite. Then Clark started to find out about his extraterrestrial origins. It started off well, and the use of Terence Stamp (Zod from Superman 2) as the voice of Jor-El and Christopher Reeve as the scientist who knows everything, later to be replaced by Margot Kidder after his death were master strokes.

However, the direction they took his plans for Kal-El didn’t really sit well with me. Now I’m not one of those geeks that cries when ever something changes in translation and admittedly I only know the broad strokes of Supes’ origin but as far as I’m aware Kal’s father never sent him to Earth to rule it and for me it ruins some of Superman’s nobility.

Also every other episode is someone loosing control of their body, pissing people off then coming to not remembering a thing and everyone not liking them. First one I can remember is Clark and the Red Kryptonite, and really it was the only good one. Then I pretty sure Chloe and Lana went under control several times during that season just for Clark to go into a cave mouth and come out as “Kal-El”. Then the cheerleaders start making everyone fall in love with them, Lionel Luthor takes over Clark’s body and is nasty to everyone and then Lana is taken over by a 16th century witch, closely followed by Lois and Chloe, and I’m only half way through the season.

There is the occasional good episode though such as Kid Flash turning up, and that’s a continuity fuck up and a half, but it’s getting to the point that they’re not enough. I’m going to slowly work my way through to the end of Season 4 and see if I can be bothered with Season 5.

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