Thursday, May 04, 2006

George Lucas is a total and complete tw*t

The guy's been pissing me off for years. Various comments such as "The books aren't mine so who cares?" How about the fans you left alone for 20 years and that was all they had to keep them going?!? Then we had Greedo shot first and other such travesties of the Special Editions, shortly followed by The Phantom Menace, where if Jar Jar Binks wasn't enough we had the stupid little shit Anakin to deal with ("Rolling! That's a good trick" Yeah, if you're 10... oh wait, you are). Not to mention the numerous terrible dialogue moments and the total lack of chemistry between Natalie Portman and Hayden Christensen.

But getting back to my point, ever since Lucas released the Special Editions we've been told that we would never see the original prints again, so I held on for dear life to my decaying video copies. As films the originals flowed so much more easier and felt much better films I wasn't very happy to know I'd never get to replace them for everlasting DVD's. I didn't go out and buy the DVD's of the trilogy when they were first released, and I ranted enough about them at the time so I'm not going to go into that again. Eventually I caved when the money grubbing gits I work for offered it at a super cheap price. I was pleased with some changes to closer the orginals, hated Christensen and wasn't bothered about "Did".

Then the bearded git's announced that after 9 years of saying they'll never release the original cuts again, they will.


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Andrew Smith said...

Yup, he's an utter fuckwit.