Sunday, December 17, 2006

I need HD in my life

This week Mr Drew has spent a ridiculous amount of money on a HD TV. When it came time for our next gaming session it only seemed right that I take my 360 up to his and find out what they could do. Let me tell you, they were beautiful together. First thing I had to do was both Halo 3 trailers, these amazed me when they first came out, but seeing them in HD took my breath away. Then onto the games.

We spent most of our time on Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, unlocking the last few morsels erin that game ready for the hard mode arcade action, of which we got a taste for and Drew and I are once again addicted. I was a bit let down of the jump from X-Box to 360 graphically originally but HD totally removed that. How much better this game looks is incredible. Everything just looked so much more detailed and crisper.

Drew had mentioned it was the racing games that really looked amazing on HD, unfortunately I don't own any but luckily I do have a demo of Carbon on the hard drive. I was drooling at the car selection screen never mind in game. Finally we tried Dead Rising, I noticed less with this game, but that may be due to the fact Capcom made it for HD and really ignored the standard definition. If was nice to be able to read the text in game for a change though.
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