Tuesday, August 28, 2012

BeefJack: A look back at Broken Sword

I'm a pretty big Broken Sword fan, so when news of the Kickstarter arrived I had an afternoon of going slightly crazy as I jumped about with glee. Then I spent the weekend playing the Director's Cut of the first game and watching the second game of YouTube.

Okay that may sound odd, my original plan was to play my old copy of The Smoking Mirror, but since I played it sometime in the 90s the CD has managed to wipe itself. That seriously bummed me out Saturday morning.

After that I wrote this: A look back at Broken Sword.

I kinda skim over the fourth game but SHHH I've not actually played it. I know I know, it's unforgivable. When it came out one of my flatmates bought it, so I planned on borrowing his, never got round to it. However, the pledge I gave to the kickstarter is for a free game at GOG.com so The Angel of Death is finally going to get tangled.

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