Tuesday, October 23, 2012

BeefJack: Of Orcs and Men review

Another review of mine is up over at BeefJack. This time it's Of Orcs and Men, a game I'd barely heard of when I was asked to review it. That should have been my first sign. It wasn't, instead I watched a trailer and was mildly hopeful. As Jamie Donnelly put it "It's either going to be surprisingly good or amazingly shit." Unfortunately, I don't think it was either.

My word count was pretty tight and there were a few things I didn't have room to moan about, such as the environments. They weren't too bad, serviceable anyway, and if the team had just used them for one level you'd probably never be bothered. Instead they reuse them out for a good three of four levels in a row and by the end of it you're so bored of looking at the same brown textures it is untrue. However, that is a minor point compared to what I do mention in the review.

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