Friday, April 12, 2013

Tron: Uprising deserves more of a legacy

Been a bit busy this week, so instead of Supernatural or something new I'm going to post one of the blogs I wrote but never put up. Fun Fact: This was originally written as the first half that would later become the Young Justice post. Though it was written in the run up to YJ finishing, and when that finally stopped I felt it deserved its own. Anyway, enough prattling. Tron: Uprising.

Over the weekend I went looking for more episodes of Tron: Uprising. The animated spin-off of the Tron films set between the original movie, and 2010's Tron: Legacy. I was in for a shock. The last episode I watched ended on some what of a massive cliffhanger, but apparently there wasn't any new ones. In fact that was to be that last episode ever. Disney had cancelled it.

Tron: Uprising was a brilliant show. It was the show that turned Tron from just another movie, into a franchise I really loved. After watching the first few episodes I actually went and bought Legacy on DVD just to watch it again.

Uprising tells the story of Beck, a young program who doesn't like the way The Grid is going with the takeover of Clu. He decides to rebel, and takes the symbol of Tron to do so. This of course brings him to the attention of the real Tron, who, rather than getting taken out by Clu as in the flashback from Legacy, is seriously injured. On top of everything else, the viewer knowing that the series was building towards the point that Tron would properly fall and become Razer put a wonderful sword of Damocles situation to the whole thing. You knew that no matter how well the situation seemed to be going for the two, if was all about to take a massive fall.

At times you really started to wonder how this was going to fit in, things were going too well. Towards the end it did the dramatic U-turn and it started to make sense. Only for the show to pull another 180, and then end on a cliffhanger we now know will never get resolved.

But Uprising didn't have great viewing figures, and those that did watch were a lot older than what Disney was probably hoping for. So they buried it, burning them off at midnight on a Sunday night. It stinks, the quality of the show deserved better, but if the viewers aren't there, you can at least understand where Disney are coming from.

Like with Young Justice, I hope Disney give us an animated movie. Something to wrap the story up and sync it in with the big screen cousins.

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