Monday, April 07, 2014

FTL: These are the Voyages

As FTL: Advanced Edition came out last week, I present FTL The Captain's Log. It started out as an idea for BeefJack, but we weren't entirely sure how sustainable it was. Plus I was pretty late to the FTL party so it was also no longer that relevant. Enter DLC, and I finally get to release it. This was actually my second playthrough of the original game. I might do another for the Advanced Edition, which I still haven't found time to play. At the very least I'll post up some thoughts in a few days.

Blackbox recording of NCC-7625, The Kestrel-A discovered in Rock controlled sector of space.
Captain's Log Stardate 9130113.15
I have been assigned the important task of carrying plans for the stolen plans for the Rebel's capital ship to what remains of Federation Command. My mission is clear, I have to get this information delivered as quickly as possible.

First jump and already my honour is already is putting me at odds with my duty, but civilians being attacked by an unmanned rebel scout ship wasn't exactly a problem for my crew.

Of course when another ship is waiting for us at the end of our next jump my crew is wondering what I was thinking.

Mercenaries offered to help us out. I don't see the need, we've taken down two Rebel ships with ease so far. Further proof as we close on Beacon when we save yet another civilian ship.

We have entered orbit around a planet with aliens that look just horses back on earth. We tried to communicate with them, but to no avail. As we went to leave one stopped us and directed us towards a crashed vessel. On board we discovered a robotic Engi that was perfect working order. Upon re-activating him he requested to join my crew. I was only to happy, that meant we could have all major stations manned. Turns out though that our new Engi friend is a natural pilot. I reassigned Maloney to Shields. I could hear him moaning as he left.

Captain's Log Stardate 9130113.27
I had to choose between Mantis or Rebel controlled space. Since the Mantis aren't actively pursuing me I thought the solution was simple. First jump in and we came across a Mantis patrol. Due to some quick thinking from Engineering we powered down all none essential systems and managed to avoid being detected before we jumped.

Of course after getting so lucky we would jump straight into an AI Drone of the Rebels. We destroyed it before it could get away.

Whoever placed these beacons in Mantis space should have their license revoked. This one was right next to a sun, and a Mantis was sitting right next to it not caring that heat was melting both our hulls. Combined with our weapons the Sun melted straight through the Mantis' ship.

Captain's Log Stardate 9130113.33
We jumped into another Civilian sector. Seemed the most obvious way to avoid any Rebel detection.

So much for avoiding rebels. I ordered The Kestrel into a nebula, only to be caught in a Plasma storm and still a Rebel scout found us. I thought we were dead. We almost were. The shields were completely gone, all sub systems were offline. Maloney nearly bought it trying to get the shields back up. Thank the stars the medbay is next door to the shield controls. Thankfully through it all Niels was able to keep one gun firing. The Rebels offered their surrender and I was so busy trying to keep my own ship alive that I hadn't paid the slightest attention to theirs. As bad as an idea as it is to leave them alive and report our location to the Rebel fleet I'm not sure The Kestrel would have survived any longer. Despite still being in a plasma storm I ordered the crew to repair the ship before we jumped as we had picked up a distress beacon nearby.

We arrived and a colony's self defence system had gone haywire. I was about to order Niels to destroy it when 'Johnson' (as the crew have taken to calling our Engi, advised he could remotely repair it. This allowed the civilians to get into the facility and fix the problem permanently. The civvies were immensely happy and offered us some welcome scrap, missiles and fuel as a reward.

As we dropped out of FTL we got stopped by a pirate ship asking for a toll. I really didn't want to sit there and take it, but after the nebula I didn't want to risk the ship for something so trivial. I paid their demand and moved on.

Went to aid another civilian ship. As much as we need to show the galaxy the Federation is still here, I may have made a grave error. We lost the O2 Generator, and while it was being repaired a fire broke out mid-ship resorting me to vent some of what little we had left. The hull is in a critical state, we need a repair bay quick. Sensors indicate that one is only a jump away.

Thank the stars nothing untoward was waiting for us. While we could have hired some much needed new crew or even installed a transporter I spent the majority of our scrap on repairs and fuel. The Kestrel is as good as new. And the Beacon is only a jump away.

Captain's Log Stardate 9130113.54
We are now entering the Mantis Homeworlds sector. With the Kestrel fully repaired I saw no problem helping more people out, especially if it helped prove the Mantis we were trustworthy. The distress beacon was from a space station under attack from giant spiders. We were able to defeat them, then while docked we enacted several upgrades the The Kestrel's existing systems. Even so I'm going to get out of the sector as quickly as possible.

More Mantis hiding too close to a sun. Never have I faced a race more insane than these Insects.

We arrived at the next system to find a Rebel drone waiting for us, as we brought shields and weapons online we noticed it was actually selling wares. Something had clearly gone wrong. Not that we're complaining. We got The Kestrel repaired, refuelled and installed upgrades to the shield and weapons to improve firing times. I might be out of scrap but the next jump takes us out of this sector.

Captain's Log Stardate 10130113.01
We've entered a sector of space controlled by the Slugs. A race I've had no dealings with whatsoever. So first thing that happens is of course we get into a fight with one of their ships. Despite the repairs we squeak through when the offer their surrender, one I gladly take.

We reach an engineer but unfortunately we have no scrap to trade with.

Another pirate vessel demanding our scrap. I give him the one piece we have remaining. They must have taken pity on us as they let us go.

Captain's Log Stardate 10130113.09
We've now entered the Engi Homeworld system. Johnson can offer no advice, he has no idea how long he's been offline but he has no doubts his data is exceptionally out of date. Our first stop was a ship selling services, but we still have no scrap.

We come across another world with a faulty defence AI. Johnson is able to offer repairs and the Engi shower us with scrap. Finally we can afford some repairs. I'm going to have to risk a jump backwards to the shop. The Rebels are hot on our heels but I'm hope we'll be fine.

The repairs were a success. We've now been contacted by a system of Engi that have reports that the Mantis are helping the Rebels. If this is true, what little remains of the fleet is doomed. The two ships split up and the Engi are able to give us the co-ordinates for both. The Rebel Fleet is closing so I order Johnson to take us after the one nearest the Beacon.

DAMMIT! It was the wrong one, they have no details on the exchange. I'm staring at the map, wondering if I can make a four jump round trip before the fleet catches up to us. These plans are worth more than that. I order us to the Beacon.

We found an abandoned station at the Beacon and were able to scrounge up some decent supplies. Despite the setback with the Mantis, I'm starting to think we're going to make this. One more sector and we're at the fleet.

Captain's Log Stardate 10130113.21
We're now in Rock controlled space and have entered a asteroid field. A Rock cruiser has opened fire on The Kestrel for no discernible reason. I have had to return fire. [static] ... the ship is taking hits! Weapons are down, O2 is failing, engines gone... … [recording ends]
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