Thursday, December 16, 2004

Blade: Trinity

How is this a 15? Blade 1 was less violent, less explicit language and the woman was less likely to turn a 15 year old on! I mean both 1 and 2 were 18s! Despite what Chris puts to me I’m gonna stand by my stance that the BBFC are getting far too lenient. Now I’m going to stop sounding like someone’s mother and actually get to what I thought about the film.

I liked it, I’m just really unsure how much, I keep flicking between it’s the weakest of the 3 Blade films or better than 2, but it is a great action film. This CGI is a lot better this time than in Blade 2, where the Ninja fight in front of the lights was terrible. It had a lot less glaring inconsistencies in this one too, Blade 2 was terrible for this, like the UV protection suits that they suddenly forget what they used them for. The biggest one I can really think of was him driving his oh so precious car straight into the bikers, then switching the UV headlights on to kill the driver. Surely he should have just switched the things on instantly killing the two bikers and not damaging the car he spent the first fight scene in Blade 2 not even scrathing.

Wesley Snipes came across as going through the motions in this film, he knows how cool Blade is, he knows he’s amazing so he just trundled through the film doing the same thing he’s done for the previous two. In fact the bits I really enjoyed of Snipes was when he was being a bit less like Blade, such as “Mother Fucker, I’ll kill you, I’ll just enjoy it more.”

Jessica Biel was fucking gorgeous and I’ll take her over Sarah Michelle Gellar and Kate Beckinsale any day of the week. She has to fight Eliza Dushka for me though, in chocolate mousse. It was nice to see her with the bow and arrows too, I’ve developed a great love for them because of Lord of the Rings and Green Arrow recently.

Ryan Reynolds as King was fantastic, and possibly what made the film so enjoyable. I was constantly getting Jason Lee with Kevin Smith vibes off of him. However, I want it on record I’ve been saying “Fuck me sideways” for years!

Dracula, I loved how they made him the ultimate vampire by giving him all the advancements we’ve seen in the other two films various vampires have had (minus Frost’s Blood Godhood obviously). Blade’s day walking, Reaper’s superior feeding method and the Count’s (Blade 2 old geezer) look to the nth degree. However, Dominic Purcell’s acting was terrible. Of course all villains in the Blade series have the unfortunate position of trying to live up to Stephen Dorff’s Deacon Frost.

As for the other bad guys, Danica Talos was fun in a campy way but I couldn’t see past the fact that she was in Rachel Leigh Cook’s Josie and Pussycats. Her brother did next to nothing, which is a shame cos it’s the second Ray from Due South! He deserves a good role! Triple H I wasn’t particularly fond of, both Chris and I laughed out loud at one point during the “Wrestling match” between him and King, but on looking back he makes a nice change from the last two big guys who were just big and hard. He’s big, hard and a big softy, I mean look at his stupid dog.

Overall I really did like it, despite how negative this all sounds, I seem to have the innate ability to just sit back and enjoy a flashy action film for being just that. I also think it did a great job of turning a movie and it’s sequels into a trilogy as well, the previously mentioned Drake being all the parts that various evolutions from vampires from the last two films the most obvious of this.