Saturday, September 28, 2013

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has landed

Now I know I've still to address GTA V (barely stopped playing it), I've got about three more parts of Doctor Who at 50 half ready, but this week something happened that I thought I should cover first. Agents of SHIELD started.

I've been waiting for ages for this one. Whedon returns to television and regular instalments of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Yes please. Spoilers AHOY!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Star Trek - Double Helix: Infection book review

As I was reading Double Helix: Infection on Kindle as part of collection, I was shocked at how suddenly it ended. I felt like I wasn't even halfway through the story when all of a sudden things started to wrap up. The story never really got going, the ending was by chance, I just don't feel any sort of resolution from it at all.

Now obviously it's part one of a bigger series so it was never going to be one hundred percent resolved, but you can frame it in a way that offers the individual story closure. The situation on that particular planet could be much better addressed than it was.

Monday, September 16, 2013

BeefJack: Game Dev Tycoon Review

Game Dev Tycoon isn't the type of game I'd normally go near. After enjoying, then quickly getting annoyed with both Theme Park and Theme Hospital I've just never bothered with business sims again. This sort of popped up out of nowhere, and as my plate was relatively empty I figured it was worth a shot.

And am I glad I did. I said in the review, this needs a sequel. That is REALLY true. I've since gone back to it - always a high sign of quality if the reviewer goes back - and those problems are more apparent, though it has a slight rogue-like element in you get to keep your knowledge of the audience which is pretty cool.

Game Dev Tycoon Review

Friday, September 06, 2013

The De-evolution of DC Comics

The parting of ways between DC and the Batwoman creative team of W. Haden Blackman and J.H. Williams is yet another sign that all is not well at one of comics biggest houses. Since the launch of New 52, it seems that there's always a writer or artist leaving because editorial is overbearing. We barely get any creator leaving because their story is finished. It's nearly always their editor wouldn't even let them tell it.

This time the Batwoman duo had their leading lesbian propose to her girlfriend, and were then told that they could never have the two women actually marry. The news of their departure led to another outcry from fans wondering just what is wrong with DC? What are the editors thinking? And more shouts that they were done with the publisher.