Monday, June 19, 2006

Footballer's Wives

Had to share this. Thanks to Johnny Vaughan on Capital Radio and my Mum for this.

Disccussion on what a collection of Footballer's Wives should be called. Here are the options:
  1. A Boutique
  2. An Implant
  3. A Giggle
  4. A Handbag
  5. A Meow
  6. A Pout
  7. A Vacuum
  8. A Rack
  9. A Shallow
  10. An Extension
  11. An Excess
  12. A Surgery
Personally my favourite is "a shallow".

Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Wolverine and Storm Show

Thanks Drew for the title of this.

You guessed it, I went to see X-Men 3 last night. Figured I'd better say something since everyone's expecting me too but this is going to be quite short, cos I actually quite liked it. Sure there were a few minor problems with it, Plastic guns, Vinnie Jones and Magneto's helmet not fitting properly and conducting whenever he used his powers.

Also the inclusion of Spike, the politically correct rip off of Marrow from the X-Men Evolution cartoon and far too many story threads for the time given, the Bobby, Kitty Rogue and her trip was tragically unexplored as was the Angel storyline with his father. Other than that I quite enjoyed it. Special mention must go to the inclusion of the Blackbird as the X-Jet, my favourite X-plane as it was this plane in the 90s cartoon and in the comics when I started with X-Men, a silly thing but I loved seeing it.

Update on Smallville and Stargate

So I managed to get through the whole of season 4 of Smallville and it was quite a slog. My problem with the ‘losing memory’ story line got worse with 3 episodes in a row doing it at one point. The main story arc kept me hooked though and I’m glad it did. Season 5 has significantly improved things with only one “Oops, I’ve forgotten what I’ve actually done” episode to date. We’re also getting more concentration on the arc rather than the odd 5 minutes thrown in. I’m also getting perverse enjoyment about Clark worrying about the very problem that Brodie brought up in Mallrats, that he might take out Lana with one well aimed shot.

I’ve also got over my problems with the continuity with one simple realisation. There is no way this Clark can ever become any version of Superman that we know of. Lois and Lex would take one look at Superman and recognise the guy they spent a good few years hanging out with. And so what? If you’re that bothered lets call it an Elseworlds and stop worrying.

It also seems to have taken a leaf out of Stargate’s book for getting audience by having other cult actors appear. With James Marsters of Buffy and Angel fame appearing as Brainiac (though never called that) and having it rubbed in your face with a Vampire episode and the lead vampire being called Buffy. Then the other Duke of Haazard turned up, in a Dodge Charger no less. Plus they not just using real people but pulling in other DC heroes now. After season 4’s Kid Flash episode, we’ve had Aquaman and Cyborg from the Teen Titans in season 5.

Speaking of Stargate it looks like we are getting the mini Farscape reunion with Claudia Black becoming a regular in season 10. It’s also covering Firefly/Serenity angle with Morena Baccarin confirmed to appear and Richard Dean Anderson’s Jack O’Neill coming back for an episode or two. Plus Michael Ironside appeared at the end of Season 9 and he’s practically been in everything going.